IMPORTANT : I just wanna point out that its STEVE who gets the flirting started between him and Sam at the beginning of the movie.  Sam is just moseying around the mall, going for his run, and this hot guy continually blazes past him had just has to rub it in that he’s totally outrunning him.  And then it’s Steve who stops to chat, makes a teasing little comments, offers friendly competition, and then THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE.  “Oh, that’s how it is?”  Steve, you tryin’ to fuck.  We see right through you.

As the movie progresses, it’s always Steve that seeks Sam out.  He goes to the VA to visit him (just to visit, apropos of nothing), shows up at his fucking apartment when how does Steve know where Sam lives? 

Upon my initial viewing of Cap 2 I really saw it as Sam fawning over Steve, but when I think about it, they’re definitely in mutual like but it’s really Steve that’s got a crush on Sam.  Wants him in his life.  I think the fandom has caught on to this as well because the influx of fic I’ve been reading features a lot of Steve being the aggressor towards Sam, and I like that.  I love it.  I want some more of it.

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Women of DC Universe As 1940s Bombshell Pin-Ups 

Ant Lucia created these 1940s-inspired portraits of DC heroines (and a few villainesses), and now Quantum Mechanix is offering 10 of them as 18″ x 24″ prints for only $14.95 each!

Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Stargirl, and Mera are available for pre-order now and the other will be available in a month or so.


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Starfire: Starktorialist 

Dream cosplay complete! Not gonna lie, the first time I saw RHATO Starfire I told myself I would never cosplay her (because wow, I don’t have her body and she’s too fuckin’ badass y’know?) But hey, here we are two years later! 

I’ll be debuting Starfire at FanExpo Vancouver 2014 along with EuphoricLandings as Essence and Ben as Roy Harper.

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Indestructibles by Luigi Monaldi

Batman & Wonder Woman #30

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